One of Deploy Creative’s initiatives that is delivering tremendous value for our clients is our approach to leveraging technology to build brands, buy improve business processes, train and educate customers/prospects and generate leads. One specific outcome of this approach has been the implementation of software as a service solution that provides a web-based video and content management delivery system. This application allows for sharing of video content and associated resources through a highly efficient and organized user interface. This Deploy Creative proprietary application is called shoutvu.

Video has emerged as one of the most effective and widely adopted methods of communicating on the web today. Yet, while the proliferation of video continues at a rapid pace, proper management of online video content is still not well understood or put into practice. Organizations that seek to leverage and integrate the use of video on the web face the following challenges:

  • Lack of end-to-end solutions from video creation to publishing on the web or multiple broadcast channels, to archiving.
  • The enormous file sizes and multiple video encoding formats means a variety of programs are used to edit video.
  • Incorporating short-form video into corporate website, public relations, corporate communications, training and sales presentations.
  • Storage, management, and archiving video.

For more informations about shoutvu and its offering, visit the shoutvu website.